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Our Bentonite Unye Bentonite is generally well known with its whiteness, high absorption capabilities and rich montmorillonite content. Major primary uses of our bentonites are Cat Litter, Ceramic, Medical, Peloid, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Formulations Food Additives, Quality Paper, Detergent, Paints etc. Unye Maden is able to  provide broad range of solutions to its customer ranging from Crude to Final Bentonite products.

  • With a vision to become the premier manufacturer in White Bentonite Cat Litter Sector, Unye Maden set up its state-of-the-art facility with a production capacity of 70,000 Ton/Year and commenced production in 2018 and  has now reached a total of 210,000 Ton/Year capacity in 2021.

  • In order to meet its customers high added value products requirements for industrial areas such as Ceramic, Paints, Food Additives, Paints etc., Unye Maden has recently commissioned its first Milling / Micron Size Processing Plant with a total capacity of 15.000 Ton/Year.

  • Furthermore, Unye Maden has been operating a special Wet Filtration / Purification facility with a total capacity of 1.500 Ton/Year in order to meet the needs of high-end products such as health, cosmetics, well-being sectors.

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