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Founded in 1995, Unye Maden

  • is a leading and reputable company specialised in production, supply and export of White Bentonite products, commonly known as “Unye Bentonite” located in Turkey.

  • owns one of the largest white bentonite reserves in Turkey with its indicated reserve of 20 Million Ton and probable reserve of over 45 Million Ton.

  • has supplied over 400.000 Ton of crude bentonite & cat litter & micronized products & high-end products in 2020, expected to be ~450.000 Ton in 2021.

  • overall, as of now, Unye Maden has the following plant capacities;

    • Total Cat Litter Capacity of 210.000 Ton/Year

    • Total Cat Packaging Capacity of 150.000 Ton/Year

    • Total Milling / Micron Size Processing Capacity of 15.000 Ton/Year

    • Total Wet Filtration / Purification Capacity of 1.500 Ton/Year

  • has exported both bentonite and cat litter to countries such as Germany, Spain, UK, Portugal, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Czech, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Malta, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Israel, KSA, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, India, UAE, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Chile, Colombia, USA, New Zealand etc.

  • Unye Maden has always carried out its activities with the principles of Customer Satisfaction and Assurance of Quality Products & Services. Thanks to its strong philosophy, Unye Maden has established Long-term Relationships with its customers and extended its portfolio day by day.

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