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Our Processing Plant is only at around 6 KM distance to Unye Bulk Port and 96 KM distance to Samsun Container Port. Our state-of-the-art facility with latest technology enables to meet our commitments to customers while providing high quality and safety standards at all stages of production and logistics.

Total Area of Facility (*)
Indoor Area of Facility (*)
Crude Mining Capacity
Indicative Reserve
Probable Reserve
Cat Litter Production Capacity
Cat Litter Packaging Capacity (*)
Milling (Micron Size Processing) Capacity
Wet Filtration / Purification Capacity

20.000 m²
12.000 m²
500.000 Ton/Year
20.000.000 Ton
40.000.000 Ton
210.000 Ton/Year
150.000 Ton/Year
15.000 Ton/Year
1.500 Ton/Year

(*) Packaging Facility will be moved to Unye Organized Industry in 2022. Cat Litter Packaging Capacity will be increased from, 150.000 Ton/Year to 200.000 Ton/Year.

Important Locations

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